Known Issues

Known issues and functionality considerations for the Epic Games Store publishing.

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The sections below provide an overview of upcoming maintenance windows, known issues, and functionally not yet supported by the Epic Games Store publishing tools.

If you have any questions, reach out on the Epic Games Store Developer Community.

Scheduled Maintenance

There are no scheduled maintenance windows at this time.

Known Issues

The Epic Games Store team is aware of the following issues impacting the publishing tools:

  • Push to Stage: Promotion to the Stage sandbox may take several minutes after making even small changes. If the submission is still processing after 10 minutes, create a private discussion on our Developer Support site for assistance.
  • Not Sellable/Bundle Only option: While enabling this option for an offer prevents users from directly purchasing it, the offer remains visible in the storefront. Any user who attempts to purchase the offer experiences an error during checkout and cannot complete the purchase.
  • Localization template: Before uploading localization content, you currently must remove any columns for languages you have not translated. Inclusion of empty columns results in an error when uploading the template.
  • Display Name field: The name entered when creating a product is only used within the Developer Portal. A future update will make the label of this field more specific.
  • Agreements: You cannot use a screen magnifier or operating system dictation feature to assist you when you view an agreement.

For issues impacting the Epic Games Store itself, such as outages, visit

Feature Support

Epic Games is committed to building out our toolset to fit the needs of our developer partners. We regularly ship new features and updates to existing functionality that benefit our partners and promote a quality store experience for our users.

At this time, some types of products and storefront configurations are not supported by the Epic Games Store publishing tools. To help determine if the self-service publishing tools are right for you, the list below provides an overview of currently unsupported products and configurations. This list is regularly maintained to reflect new releases and improvements as we continue to update the publishing tools.

  • If you are interested in bringing your product to the Epic Games Store, but your product requires one of the items listed below, reach out to our team by creating a private discussion on our Developer Support site.

  • For the latest information about the timing of support for these items, check out the Epic Games Store publishing tools roadmap. We also encourage you to monitor the Recent Updates page for the latest enhancements we’ve released for the publishing tools.

Product Types

At this time, the Epic Games Store publishing tools cannot support the following types of products:

  • Non-game products
  • Games with their own launchers
  • Games that download or update builds outside of the Epic Games Store
  • Games requiring multiple processes to be launched from the Epic Games Launcher
  • VR-only games
  • Games with editions or add-ons that have more mature ratings than the base game
If you have an existing product that uses Epic Online Services (EOS) and wish to use the self-service publishing tools, submit a request to the Epic Games Store team to have your product enabled for publishing. This step is required in order to use the publishing tools. To submit this request, create a private discussion on our Developer Support site

Product & Storefront Configurations

Additionally, the Epic Games Store publishing tools currently do not support the following types of functionality:

  • Certain product offer configurations, such as:
    • Pre-purchase
      • Note: Pre-purchase offers are not currently supported by our self-service publishing tools. However, they have been configured by our Service Delivery team for a very limited number of products. If you have any questions or concerns about this limitation, contact us before you set up your product with the self-service tools by creating a private discussion on our Developer Support site.
    • Hiding offers on the storefront product page (e.g. for offers only intended to be purchased in-game)
    • Automatic bundle discounts for already purchased offers
  • Certain launcher options, such as:
    • Pre-loading of game binaries prior to release
    • Rolling release times (e.g. a game releases at midnight in each time zone)
    • Enabling players to selectively install DLC during base game installation
  • Offering specific game builds for individual geographical locations
  • Displaying custom end-user licensing agreements (EULAs) in the Epic Games Launcher
  • Support for releasing alpha and beta products to a limited audience
  • Programmatic access to Epic Games Store product sales and usage data
  • Configuring external offline entitlement management systems like Denuvo
  • Mod configuration and management

Recent Updates

Support was recently added for the following:

Feedback & Additional Assistance

We want to hear about your experience! As you use the Epic Games Store publishing tools, we welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas for how we can continue to grow the toolset. To submit your feedback, create a new discussion in the Epic Games Store Developer Community and tag it with #feedback.

If you encounter any issues during the distribution process and require additional assistance, you can contact support by creating a private discussion on our Developer Support site.