Store Sample

Example program demonstrating how to build a store with the EOS SDK

Epic Games Store
1 min to read

The Store Sample demonstrates the operations related to an in-game store in the Epic Online Services (EOS) SDK, including querying offers and the checkout process. (See the Ecom Interface documentation for more information about offers.)

Offers List

After the sample starts, the offers are retrieved, and the information is visible in a column of offer titles on the right.

Starting Checkout

Left-click on the Checkout button to the right of an offer to start the checkout process. This will open the overlay depicted below:

This sample uses production servers. If users complete the checkout process, the sample will charge real-world money.

Post Checkout

After either completing a purchase or hitting the close button on the checkout process, control is returned to the sample. The result of the checkout process is visible in the console shown below:

Search Offers

The sample features a Search Offers text box that you can use to filter Offers. Type your search string into the box and hit the Enter key on your keyboard to filter the Offers down to just those that contain the full string. The red button that appears on the right of the text box resets the filter.

Console Commands

In addition to the standard console commands, this sample supports one custom command, "OFFERS", which refreshes the store catalog.