Epic Games Store Requirements

Requirements for distributing products on the Epic Games Store

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To promote a transparent, consistent, and trustworthy store experience for our users, the Epic Game Store maintains a set of requirements that products must adhere to in order to be distributed on the storefront.

Review the provided requirements and guidelines to help ensure a successful launch of your product on the Epic Games Store. When you submit your product for review, the Epic Games Store team will confirm you have complied with these requirements.

In addition to the distribution requirements listed below, the Epic Games Store also maintains separate content and rating guidelines. To learn more, review the following resources:

Access Requirements

In order to use the Epic Games Store publishing tools in the Dev Portal, you must be at least 18 years of age. Additionally, you must be at least 18 to complete the required agreements. When attempting to access the publishing tools, you are prompted to confirm that you meet this requirement. If you do not provide confirmation, or otherwise do not meet this requirement, you cannot access the publishing tools.

Technical Requirements

In order to distribute your product on the Epic Games Store, you must adhere to the following requirements and guidelines:

Multiplayer Crossplay for PC

Products with online multiplayer functionality must support crossplay across all PC storefronts where the product is distributed. This ensures that players who purchase a multiplayer product on the Epic Games Store can easily connect with other players, regardless of where the product was purchased. You may use your preferred solution for crossplay, such as the free Epic One Services Crossplay functionality, your own method, or any third-party system that works across PC storefronts.

Learn more: Cross-Platform Multiplayer Guidelines

Epic Games Store Achievements

If a product supports achievements through other PC storefronts that sell third-party products, that product must also support Epic Games Store achievements. The achievements available to users on the Epic Games Store must be substantially similar to those offered through other storefronts.

  • Web-based and HTML products are currently exempt from this requirement as they are not currently supported by the Epic Online Services (EOS) SDK.
  • If a product in Early Access does not yet have a finalized set of base game achievements defined, you only need to implement Epic Online Services achievements at the time of early release. Once ready for full release, Epic Games Store achievements must enabled.

Learn more: Epic Games Store Achievements

This requirement does not retroactively apply to any existing products available on the Epic Games Store or any products that were onboarded in the Dev Portal prior to March 9, 2023. However, enabling achievements is recommended to promote an optimal user experience.

In-App Purchases

If a product contains in-app purchases, this information must be clearly shared with users on the product’s store presence. This helps foster a transparent and trustworthy store experience for our users.

To provide users with awareness of in-app purchases, you must include the following questions (and answers) in your product’s FAQ page:

  • What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in your product?
  • Can your product be used without making any in-app purchases?
  • Are in-app purchases refundable?
    • Note: If refunds are available, you must include a link to your refund policy.
  • What payment platform is used to facilitate these purchases? Do you use Epic Games’ platform or a 3rd-party (including your own) payment system?
    • Note: Epic Games maintains no responsibility for providing payment details or facilitating refunds for any transactions made outside of our payment platform.

Blockchain Technology

Products that support blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency may be distributed on the Epic Games Store as long as these products adhere to specific policies regarding blockchain technology. If a product leverages blockchain technology in any capacity, these guidelines and requirements must be followed or the product cannot be published to the storefront.

Learn more: Blockchain Technology Guidelines

Epic Online Services Recommendations

Testing Guide

For developers leveraging Epic Online Services in combination with the Epic Games Store, a testing guide is available to help you successfully implement these services. This guide provides test cases and recommendations for topics such as the multiplayer crossplay requirement, Epic Account Services, offline mode support, and player experience recommendations. We strongly encourage you to review this guide to help ensure a successful launch.

Learn More: Epic Games Store Testing Guide

Ecom Interface Recommendations

The Ecom Interface allows developers using Epic Online Services to support in-game purchases through the Epic Games Store. With this interface, you can manage products ranging from full games and downloadable content (DLC) to virtual goods and in-game currency. This includes making offers, completing purchase transactions, verifying ownership, and redeeming purchased items. If you choose to leverage the Ecom Interface, we recommend implementing ownership verification checks for your game and any DLC. Online ownership verification on a trusted server/API is strongly recommended as it is the most effective way to prevent piracy.

To learn more about the Ecom Interface and this recommendation, review the following resources: