Early Access Program Requirements

Requirements for releasing Early Access products on the Epic Games Store.

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The Epic Games Store welcomes developers to release their products for Early Access. This allows you to make your product available to users while it is still in development.

Some studios leverage Early Access to collect and incorporate user feedback, evolving their product by focusing on the features and functionality that most interest their users. While it is up to you to define what Early Access means for your product, releasing for Early Access can offer an iterative approach to building, testing, improving, and ultimately launching a complete, high-quality game to users.

To release your product for Early Access, follow the guidelines below. These configurations are required in order to release your product for Early Access. When you submit your product for review, the Epic Games Store team will confirm these requirements have been met.

Early Access Requirements

To release your product for Early Access, your store presence must feature the following:

  • Logo and key art
  • Early Access tag
  • FAQ page

This information helps users make informed decisions by setting expectations for your product while it is under active development.

Upload Logo and Key Art

The logo and primary offer images you provide for your product must clearly indicate that it is available as an Early Access release.

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Enable Early Access Product

When configuring your product offer, you must enable the Early Access Product toggle. Enabling this option adds the Early Access tag to your product's store presence, along with the Early Access Game disclaimer.

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Create FAQ Page

You must create an FAQ page that provides users with additional information about your Early Access release. This FAQ can inform users about the current state of your product, the types of updates or growth they can expect, and any opportunities available to them to provide user feedback.

Suggested Questions

  • What is included in Early Access?
  • What is the current state of the game?
  • How long will the game be in Early Access?
  • How often will you be updating the game?
  • Will my progress be saved during updates?
  • Will the price change when the game leaves Early Access?
  • Can I provide feedback and bug reports?

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