Game Ratings in Korea

Requirements for distributing non-mature and mature titles in Korea

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Learn more about the requirements and processes for getting a game rating for non-mature and mature titles in Korea.


  • The Korea GRAC and Juvenile Protection Act strongly regulates game content to present legitimate rating marks. Game ratings in Korea are mandatory by law.

  • The GRAC rating is required for all playable builds available to the public, including demo, beta, and test builds. However, the GRAC rating is not required during a pre-purchase period, because there is no build.

  • Please be aware that the distinction between non-mature titles and mature titles follows the Game Industry Promotion Act (GRAC) guidelines.

  • The steps to get a GRAC rating are different for non-mature titles and mature titles, as noted below.

Non-mature Titles (age 15 and below)

Epic Games has acquired a permit to self-rate non-mature titles to be released on the Epic Games Store. This permit helps make the self-rating process faster for non-mature titles—and it is free for our partners.

Self-rating Process Flow for Non-mature Titles

  • Create a Case — Use your Epic Games account to sign in to the Knowledge Base and request GRAC rating support.

    • If you have issues accessing the case creation page, please contact your Business Development Manager.
  • Complete Survey — Upon receiving your Case request for GRAC support, the Epic Games Korea team will send you a survey to provide details about your game. These details are required to determine your rating eligibility.

  • Review — the Epic Games Korea team reviews the survey information. If necessary, you may be asked to provide additional information or resubmit your survey.

  • Register — When the survey information is approved, the Epic Games Korea team registers the game information with the GRAC system to request the non-mature game rating.

  • Classify — When the rating is classified in the GRAC system, the Epic Games Korea team emails the rating to the developer/publisher.


  • Submit your Independent Rating Classification Survey for non-mature titles at least five business days in advance of your target launch date.

  • Once your rating is classified in the GRAC system, the Epic Games Korea team will email the rating to the developer/publisher, typically within three business days.

Mature Titles (age 18+)


Developers/publishers can apply for the mature title rating at the GRAC website:

  1. Learn more about the GRAC rating process.

  2. Create a GRAC account online.

  3. Sign in to apply for your mature title GRAC rating.


  • Your mature title must have a rating to launch. The Epic Games Korea team recommends you submit your application to the GRAC system at least six weeks in advance of your target launch date to account for delays from GRAC.

  • The rating is typically provided about four weeks after submission; however, this timing may vary and could exceed four weeks. The Epic Games Korea team recommends you periodically visit the GRAC website to check on the status of your submission.

  • Learn how to add game ratings to your product in the Dev Portal.

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