BuildPatch Tool Instructions (1.5.0)

Setup and processing instructions for BPT 1.5.0

19 mins to read

Before You Start

How to Find Credential IDs

There are a number of IDs you will need to locate in the Developer Portal.

Client ID and Client Secret for the product

  1. Go to Developer Portal Dashboard > Product > Games Services > Product Settings.
  2. View the credentials in Product Settings > SDK Credentials > BPT Credentials.

Artifact Name and ID for the offer

  • Go to Product > Artifacts page > Offer Artifact > Edit Details drop-down.

  • The Artifact Name and ID display on Manage Artifact modal > Edit Details drop-down.

Offer IDs for the Offer

  • Go to Product > Offers page > Offer.

  • The Offer IDs are located at the bottom of the Edit Offer modal.

View your Organization’s BuildPatch Tool credentials

Any user in your Organization with Owner, Admin or Store roles can view your BuildPatch Tool credentials for a product. They can also copy the credentials to the clipboard.

To view your organization’s BuildPatch Tool credentials:

  1. Sign in to the Dev Portal.
  2. Select the product for which you want to view credentials.
  3. Select Product Settings.
  4. Scroll down to SDK Credentials > BPT Credentials.
  5. To copy the credentials to the clipboard, click Copy:

Paths on the Command Line

Due to the way the command prompt interprets \" (a backslash directly followed by a double quote) on the command line, you need to follow at least one of the following pieces of guidance when specifying paths in BuildPatchTool arguments:

  • Do not append a trailing slash to your directory names.
  • Use forward slashes for directory separators.
  • Do not enclose paths in quotes (this is not possible if your path contains one or more spaces).
  • Escape only the trailing backslash with another backslash if it is double-quote enclosed (not recommended, as is error prone)

Examples of Valid Path Syntax

  • -BuildRoot="D:/MyFolder/"
  • -BuildRoot=D:\MyFolder\
  • -BuildRoot=D:\MyFolder
  • -BuildRoot=D:/MyFolder/
  • -BuildRoot=D:/MyFolder
  • -BuildRoot="D:\MyFolder\\"

Invalid Path Syntax

The following syntax will not work when defining a path on the Command Line:


Initial Setup

Extract the contents of the BuildPatchTool ZIP file to a machine that has access to the binary you want to upload. The machine will also need Internet access to communicate with the Epic backend.

The ZIP file link is always kept up to date with the newest version of the BPT. If you cannot access the file, please create a case.


Authentication is carried out by supplying a Client ID and Client Secret to BuildPatchTool. These must be provided for every operation using command line arguments. Epic will issue you this ID and secret to use as your credentials.

BuildPatchTool uses a unique Client ID and Client Secret, separate from any EOS Client IDs your game may use. EOS Client IDs (which typically begin with xyza*) cannot be used with the BuildPatchTool.

The ClientId parameter must be provided with every operation that interacts with Epic's backend services. The client secret must be provided by using either of the ClientSecret or `ClientSecretEnvVar parameters.

If using the ClientSecret parameter, then your client secret should be passed verbatim as the value of the parameter:


If using the ClientSecretEnvVar parameter, then you pass the name of an OS environment variable which contains the client secret:

Engine\Binaries\Win64>set MyEpicSecret=<YourClientSecret>