Manage Pages

Create and manage product pages

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The Pages overview page allows you to view and manage existing pages for your product and create new pages.

  • The first action completed here for each new product is to configure the Product Home Page.

  • Most other pages are automatically created when you create an offer and will display here.

  • You can also create other pages here, such as an FAQ page page.

Publishing a Page for an Offer

An offer page that has been published to Sandbox Live can exist in one of following states:

  • Pushed to Live sandbox, but not yet visible
  • Enabled for early store discovery
  • Released and available for purchase

Pushed to Live Sandbox, Not Yet Visible

If you push your offer from Stage sandbox to Live sandbox with the date and release date in the future, then the page will not yet be visible or discoverable on the store. However, pages in this state can be indexed on the public internet. If you don’t want your page to be public information, publish pages to Live sandbox immediately before your offer is scheduled to become visible. Learn more: Manage Offers.

Enabled for Early Store Discovery

To publish a page for an offer prior to the release of your product, enable the Early Store Discovery option and set a page viewable date and time. We recommend that you publish your product page as early as possible. This gives you the following benefits:

  • It helps to grow awareness of your product on the Epic Games Store.
  • It enables store users to add your product to their wishlist.

Pages enabled for early store discovery have the following advantages:

  • They show ‘Coming Soon’ in place of a ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • They can display an estimated, exact, or unknown date of release.
  • They show in the ‘Coming Soon’ view of the Browse page on the Epic Games Store.

If you set an early store discovery date on your offer, the Epic Games Store automatically associates the offer with an auto-generated artifact. Note that you do not need to attach a binary to that artifact when you publish the page. Learn more: Manage Offers.

Released Product

If you set your offer’s publish date to be the same as the product’s release date, then your page becomes visible when your product releases. In this state, your page shows your product as available for purchase. Learn more: Manage Offers.

Configure the Product Home Page

In addition to the information described here, your product page displays information about age ratings.

Digital assets and information collected for the Product Home page are the first items a player will see when visiting your Product Details Page. This page is set up after Configure Store Settings.

  1. Go to Product > Pages > Product home > Edit page

  2. Provide the mandatory and optional.

Asset Guidelines

  • For asset specifications, best practices, and color recommendations, refer to the Epic Games Store Brand Guidelines.

  • We recommend you update your assets periodically, particularly for product updates.

  • If you have a beta, early release, or pre-purchase product, or special offer event, we recommend displaying those assets first in the Featured Media and Gallery sections.

  • Minimize the use of text on your assets, as they will be used for all regions.

Mandatory Information

Assets in the Featured Media section are the first items a player will see when visiting your Product Details Page.

  • This section supports up to 20 videos or images, but we recommend uploading around six of your most impactful assets that highlight the art and features you want users to see right away.

  • Featured media is most effective when viewed not only as a way to relate the art style of your product, but also gameplay features and experience that a user can expect.


The About section of the Product Home is where you can provide a full description of your product, without the character limitations of the Short Description field. This section must include at least one text section; images are optional.

Optional Information

Assets in the Gallery show off your product, including gameplay screenshots or marketing materials. You can upload up to 20 images for your Gallery.

Videos and Closed Captioning

When you upload a video asset as featured media for your page, you will have the option to add a Closed Caption file to support accessibility for your video.

  • Adding closed captions is not required.
  • Closed captioning must be submitted as a .vtt file, and file size is limited to 4 MB.
  • If you choose to add a closed caption file for a video you have already uploaded, you can do so by configuring video elements within the Edit Page functionality.
  • Localization is not currently supported for closed captions.

Create an FAQ Page

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide information about the state of your product and what they can expect for future growth, opportunities to participate in providing feedback, as well as answers to common player questions and concerns. You can also use FAQs to provide information about a Closed Access phase, an ongoing promotion, or a core feature that requires additional steps, such as Online Play or in-game purchases.

You can create only one FAQ page per product.

  1. Go to Product > Pages > CREATE NEW PAGE > FAQ page > NEXT

  2. Enter a separate Question and Answer. You can add up to 25 FAQs.

FAQs for Early Access Releases

FAQs are required for Early Access releases, as they provide information about the state of your product and what they can expect for future growth, as well as opportunities to participate in providing feedback.