Manage Artifacts

Create and manage product artifacts and binaries

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The Artifacts page allows users to view, edit, and add artifacts to their product.

When your product was created, a product Artifact was also created. Artifacts are used to fulfill user requests to download content.

  • If an artifact's associated offer is configured with an estimated release date, no binary is required to push to Stage sandbox.
  • If the offer release date is exact, the associated artifact must have an attached binary before pushing to Stage sandbox.

Learn more: Manage Offers.

Create and Upload Your Build

You will add your binary on the Manage Artifact modal page, which allows you to view and edit the artifact details and active binaries.

  1. Go to Product > Epic Games Store > Artifacts > Offer Artifact > Manage artifact

  2. Upload the binary to the Artifact.

Create a New Artifact

You will create new Artifacts for all game offers and some other offer types.

  1. Go to Product > Epic Games Store > Artifacts > CREATE NEW ARTIFACT

  2. Enter the Name of the Artifact. You can use alphanumeric characters with NO spaces.

  3. Upload the binary to the Artifact.

Upload the Binary

To make an Artifact promotable, you will upload a binary to the artifact via the BuildPatchTool.

  1. Go to Offer Artifact > Manage Artifact > Instruction and credentials

  2. Go to Instruction and credentials to complete all steps and download the BuildPatchTool.

  3. Refer to the BuildPatchTool Instructions.