Create Custom Price Tiers

Create custom regional pricing for your product offers

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When creating offers for your product, you set a base USD price tier for those offers. Price tiers for additional regions are then automatically calculated using the provided USD value. As needed, you can create custom price tiers to determine your own regional pricing in place of the Epic-delivered price tiers.

Custom price tiers must be reviewed by the Epic Games Store team. Once reviewed, the price tier can be assigned to your product offers. Custom price tiers are not associated with any offers by default.

Create Custom Price Tier

To create a custom price tier, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Dev Portal, navigate to Your Product > Epic Games Store > Custom Price Tiers.
  2. Click Create Price Tier. Then, enter a name and base USD price for the tier.
  3. In the Regional Prices section, enter the desired price for each region as needed.
    • Tip: For comparison purposes, the Standard Price column lists a default price for each region based on the provided USD value.
  4. Once you have entered the desired regional pricing, click Submit to send your custom price tier for review.

Your custom price tier is then routed to the Epic Games Store team for confirmation. You can monitor its progress through the Status column on the Custom Price Tiers page.

  • Review Complete: This status indicates a custom price tier has successfully been created and can now be assigned to one or more offers.
  • Confirmation Required: This status indicates the Epic Games Store team left feedback for your price tier (e.g., a potentially misplaced decimal was detected). To view details, select the price tier from the table and review the provided feedback towards the top of the page. You can then choose to update and resubmit your price tier based on that feedback, or you can click Submit to the top right to continue with your price tier as configured.

Once your custom price tier has been created, you can assign it to your product offers. Custom price tiers are not associated with any offers by default.

Add Custom Price Tier to Offer

To assign a custom price tier to an existing offer, follow the steps below. (To add a custom price tier to a new offer, follow the standard process for creating offers.)

  1. Navigate to Your Product > Epic Games Store > Offers and select an offer to update.
  2. On the Offer Details screen, click Price.
  3. In the Price Tier drop-down, select your custom price tier.
  4. Review your update, then click Save Changes.

To learn more about offers, review Manage Offers.

Manage Custom Price Tiers

To manage your custom price tiers, navigate to Your Product > Epic Games Store > Custom Price Tiers. You can then complete the following actions:

  • Review: Click the name of the price tier to review its details, including pricing information and a list of the offers currently using this tier.
  • Edit: Click the menu (...) icon for a price tier and select Edit. You can then update pricing information for that tier and submit those changes for review.
    • Notes:
      • Price tiers within certain statuses, such as Queued for Review, cannot be edited.
      • You can edit price tiers currently assigned to offers in the Live sandbox. After the updated price tier is reviewed, changes to that price tier are automatically applied to associated offers, including those live on the storefront. Updates to price tiers are not applied until the review process is finished.
  • Delete: Click the menu (...) icon for a price tier and select Delete. On the popup, confirm the deletion. This action cannot be undone.
    • Note: Price tiers currently assigned to one or more offers cannot be deleted. To delete a price tier, ensure it has been removed from any offers.

Epic Games Store Region List

Region CodeDefault CurrencyDescriptionCountries in Region
AEAEDUnited Arab EmiratesAE
AFRICAUSDAfrica pricing regionLR, TZ, DJ, LS, YE, UG, MA, DZ, MG, ML, EH, MR, MU, MW, MZ, ER, AO, ET, NA, ZM, NE, NG, ZW, BF, RW, BI, BJ, SC, SD, BW, SL, KE, GA, SN, SO, SS, CD, ST, GH, KM, CF, CG, CI, GM, SZ, GN, GQ, CM, GW, TD, TG, CV, TN
ANZUSDOceania pricing regionCC, TV, MP, NR, FJ, HM, FM, NU, PW, CK, GU, SB, WF, CX, PG, TK, NF, MH, TO, WS, KI, PN, VU
CHCHFSwitzerlandCH, LI
CISUSDCIS pricing regionUZ, TJ, MD, TM, AZ, KG, AM, GE
CR2CRCCosta RicaCR
EASTUSDMiddle East/Central Asia pricing regionMN, EG, PS, JO, AF, SY, IQ, IR, MV, LY, LB, PK, OM, LK
EUROEUREurope pricing regionDE, BE, FI, PT, LT, FO, LU, HR, LV, FR, MC, SI, ME, SK, SM, IE, MK, EE, AD, GL, MT, IS, AL, GR, IT, VA, ES, AT, RE, XK, CY, NL, BA
GBGBPUnited KingdomGG, GI, IM, JE, GB
KR2KRWSouth KoreaKR
LATAMUSDLatin America/Caribbean pricing regionTT, BB, PR, JM, FK, HN, PY, DM, DO, BM, HT, BO, BS, SH, BZ, GD, EC, SR, KN, SV, MS, AG, AI, GT, VC, AN, TC, VE, PA, GY, CU, AW, LC, NI
MIDEASTUSDBahrain/Kuwait pricing regionBH, KW
NZNZDNew ZealandNZ
ROWUSDRest of World pricing regionRS, BL, BQ, BV, SJ, UM, MF, YT, GF, MQ, KP, SX, IO, GP, GS, KY, AQ, VG, AS, TF, VI, CW, NC, PF, AX, PM
SASARSaudi ArabiaSA
SEAUSDSoutheast Asia pricing regionMM, MO, NP, BD, BT, LA, TL, BN, KH
USUSDUnited StatesUS
ZA2ZARSouth AfricaZA