Release Management

Manage releases in the Epic Games Store publishing tools

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Release Management — How It Works

You will work in the Dev, Stage, and Live sandboxes to publish your product on the Epic Games Store.

  • Go to Organization Dashboard > Product > Epic Games Store.


When a new product is created in the Developer Portal, a new sandbox is also created. A sandbox is a high-level distribution environment for a product. Sandboxes separate sensitive data (offers, artifacts, etc.) to prevent leaking to the public and to make sure the data can be promoted safely between sandboxes.

On the Release Management page, created entities move from Dev to Stage to Live sandbox.

  • Dev – Where entities can be edited. Once configuration of an entity is complete, it will transition from the Drafted to Ready status. You can PREVIEW ON STORE any entities in Dev-Ready status or PUSH TO STAGE.

  • Stage – Where final configuration can be tested prior to submission. You can PREVIEW ON STORE any entities in Stage.

    • Once your product's final configuration has been finalized, you can SUBMIT FOR REVIEW. You can also select Rescind to remove the review request if you have additional changes to make. If there are any changes noted during the review, you can make the changes and re-submit.

    • When all entities have been approved, you can PUBLISH to the Live sandbox.

  • Live – Accessed by end users.


Entities for your product are grouped in four sections:

  • Store Settings – Core configuration shared across the entirety of your product

  • Artifacts– Builds and their associated configuration

  • Offers – Offer metadata including descriptions, images and pricing

  • Pages – Page metadata that exists outside any individual offer, including the required Product Home page and optional FAQ page

Status Definitions

The status of all product entities will also be displayed in a sandbox using the following color-coded statuses:

Drafted status icon Drafted – Entity is incomplete and requires additional configuration

Ready status icon Ready – Entity is complete and ready to be pushed to the Stage sandbox

Processing status icon Processing – Entity is actively being copied across sandboxes

Staged status icon Staged – Entity was pushed to the Stage sandbox

Changes Needed status icon Changes needed – Entity has required changes identified requiring publisher attention

Approved status icon Approved – Entity was approved and is ready to be published to the Live sandbox

Published status icon Published – Entity was published to the Live sandbox