Patching Live Builds

Publish updated artifacts without additional review

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In certain scenarios, you may need to update entities that have already gone through the review process and been pushed to the Live sandbox. Entities are the individual components of your product’s store presence, such as artifacts and offers. To streamline this process, some types of updates can be completed without needing to resubmit your product for review.

Note: If you remove, add, or change a platform associated with your artifact, you must resubmit that artifact for review.

Publish One or More Artifacts Without Review

When you publish an artifact without putting it through review, the artifact moves directly from the Dev sandbox to the Live sandbox; it does not pass through the Stage environment. You can promote multiple artifacts at the same time through this process. Note that when you update artifacts through this method, the corresponding artifact in the Stage sandbox is not updated.

To publish an artifact without review, the following criteria must be met:

  • The artifact being updated must have previously been pushed to your Live sandbox. To do this, upload a new binary and set it as the active binary.
  • The artifact must have the Ready for Stage status in the Dev sandbox.

Once these criteria are met, follow the steps below to publish one or more artifacts without review:

  1. In the Dev Portal, navigate to to Your Product > Epic Games Store > Artifacts and Binaries.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the artifacts you want to promote to Live.
    • Note: You can only promote artifacts that have the Ready for Stage status. If any selected artifacts do not have this status, the button in the next step is disabled.
  3. Click Push to Live.

After completing this process, review your artifacts in the Live sandbox to confirm they have been successfully updated.

  1. In the Dev Portal, navigate to Your Product > Epic Games Store > Artifacts and Binaries.
  2. From the row of sandbox options, select Live:
  3. Locate the modified artifact in the list. Then, click its menu (...) icon and select Manage Artifact to review its details.

Updating Live Offer Dates

In certain scenarios, you may need to update offer dates for products that have already been pushed live (e.g., to accommodate release schedule changes). To learn more, review the Updating Offer Dates section of Manage Offers.