Email Marketing Subscriber List

Request Epic Games Store user opt-in email addresses for your product

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When purchasing a product on the Epic Games Store, users are given the choice to opt-in to email notifications about that product. At any time, you may request the list of email addresses of users who have opted in to receive notifications about your product. Obtaining this list allows you to conduct outreach and other email marketing beats geared toward users who have expressed interest in your product.


In order to receive the email marketing subscriber list, your organization owner must accept the Epic Games Store - Email Sharing Rider. To learn more, review Manage Agreements.

Additionally, your organization must have a valid privacy policy on file. If you do not have a privacy policy, email addresses are not collected.

If you did not provide a privacy policy when first creating your organization, you can add one by visiting the Settings tab of the Organization section of the Dev Portal and updating your General Settings. If you require additional assistance, create a private discussion on our Developer Support site.

Requesting the Email Subscriber Marketing List

To request your email subscriber marketing list, create a private discussion on our Developer Support site and set the subject to Email Opt-In Delivery Request.

Requests typically take up to three days to fulfill, and the list is delivered to the requestor via encrypted email. The requestor is sent the full history of opt-ins for the lifetime of your product since collection began. (Collection of email addresses only occurs once a privacy policy has been provided for your organization.)

You must track opt-out requests independently from this list. We can only provide a history of Epic Games Store users who have ever opted in to receive updates about your product.