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Request Epic Games Store user opt-in email addresses for your product

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Request the Email Sharing Opt-in List

Epic Games Store users can opt in to receive email notifications regarding a product at time of purchase. In order to obtain the list of opted-in recipients, you must follow the following steps.


Your organization owner must accept the email sharing agreement. Your organization must have a valid privacy policy on file. If you do not have a privacy policy, email addresses will not be collected.

Note - If you did not add a privacy policy at the time of creating your organization, you can request it to be added by contacting Service Delivery: Create a case.

Request an email sharing opt-in list

You can request your email sharing opt-in list by contacting Service Delivery: Create a case. In the case creation form, select Type as Product and Issue as Email opt-in delivery request.

Requests typically take up to three days to fulfill, and are delivered to the requestor via encrypted email.

You will receive a full history of opt-ins for the lifetime of your product since collection began. You must track opt-out requests independently from this list, as Epic Games Store will provide a history of all Epic Games Store users who have ever opted in to receive updates about your product since collection began.