Product Marketing Tips

Make your product stand out on the Epic Games Store

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Marketing is a critical step on the path to any successful product release. It’s how you build awareness among potential customers and ensure that your product stands out in a crowd. Every product is unique and deserves its own marketing plan, but here are a few general best practices that can help you get started.

Launch your “Coming Soon” Page for Early Awareness

Start spreading awareness of your product early by launching your Coming Soon page at the same time you announce your product. Don’t wait until your product is available for purchase. Roll out your presence on the storefront at the same time as your announcement so that users know your product will be available on the Epic Games Store.

Learn more: Manage Pages

Encourage Users to Wishlist your Product

On your official website or social media accounts, provide links to your product’s presence on the Epic Games Store and encourage users to wishlist your product. Wishlisting offers the following benefits:

  • Users who have opted in to communications receive:
    • Email updates about your product
    • Push notifications about your product via the Epic Games Store PC client
  • Your product gains boosted visibility to users in the From Your Wishlist area of the storefront

Include Epic Games Store Branding in Marketing Assets

Ensure users know where your product is available for purchase by including Epic Games Store branding in your marketing assets. If you create custom marketing assets for your product, such as trailers or gameplay screenshots, add Epic Games Store logos or other branding elements alongside other platform logos to help inform users.

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Participate in Epic Games Store Campaigns & Custom Sales

Once your product is available, use an effective discounting strategy to help you maximize sales and continually reach new customers. You can use Epic Games Store campaigns to gain visibility during major tentpole promotions (i.e., holiday sales) and custom sales to amplify your own marketing beats.

For more information, reach out to your Business Development contact.

Optimize your marketing strategy with the Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics section of the Developer Portal offers multiple dashboards that provide a variety of metrics about your product. You can access the Epic Games Store analytics dashboard by navigating to Analytics > Epic Games Store.

This Epic Games Store analytics dashboard features several tabs, such as Monetization, that highlight specific metrics about the performance of your product on the storefront.

To help optimize your marketing strategy, the following metrics are especially important to review:

  • Monetization tab:
    • Sales: Shows trends in units sold across a specified timeframe.
    • Revenue: Shows trends in income earned from all sources less any refunds or chargebacks during a specified timeframe.
    • Affiliate Payout: Shows which members of the Support-a-Creator program drive the strongest sales conversions for your title.
  • Wishlist tab: Shows wishlisting trends organized by country and by specific offers across specified timeframes.
  • Campaigns tab:
    • Purchase Conversion: Shows trends in unique users who came from your campaigns and made a purchase during a specified timeframe.
    • Traffic: Shows unique landing page hit sessions during a specified timeframe.

Keep an Eye on our Roadmap of New Epic Games Store Features

Learn more about new features and user experience improvements coming to the Epic Games Store by regularly checking the Epic Games Store Roadmap. We are committed to bringing you new ways to reach and engage with users, so keep an eye on our roadmap when planning your marketing strategy.