Access Keys

Generate keys for testing, retail, and promotional use

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Through the Access Keys page, you can generate keys used for redeeming product offers in the Epic Games Store. Keys can be generated for testing, promotional, and retail use cases. Each individual access key is only redeemable for a single offer. On the Access Keys dashboard, you can monitor the number of keys you have requested and their associated offers.

Access Key Types

The Epic Games Store offers the following types of access keys:

  • Testing: Testing keys are only redeemable by users who are members of your developer organization and are used for testing your product. Testing keys can only be created for offers currently in either the Dev or Stage sandbox. You can generate a total of 5,000 testing keys. If more than 5,000 test keys are needed, the request must be approved by the Epic Games Store team.
  • Press/Promo: Press/Promo keys are used for marketing initiatives and communication campaigns, such as press or influencer keys, preview keys, discount codes, or rating board reviews. Promotional keys can only be generated for product offers within the Live sandbox. You can generate a total of 1,000 press/promo keys. If more than 1,000 promotional keys are needed, the request must be approved by the Epic Games Store team.
  • Retail: Used for partnerships and sales purposes, the Epic Games Store offers both Digital Retail and Physical Retail keys. Digital Retail keys are used for digital storefronts and distribution; Physical Retail keys are used for physical distribution, such as boxed products. Both Digital and Physical Retail keys can only be generated for products within the Live sandbox. Retail key generation must be approved by the Epic Games Store team.
    • Tip: The Epic Games Store has partnered with a number of storefronts to offer keyless integration; access keys do not need to be shared with these partners. To learn more, review the Keyless Integration section below.

Access Key Generation

To generate access keys, follow the steps below. Keys are provided in a downloadable .CSV file. After generating access keys, your dashboard automatically updates to reflect the number of keys available.

  1. In the Dev Portal, navigate to Your Product > Epic Games Store > Access Keys.
  2. To the top right, click Generate Keys.
  3. Select the sandbox containing the offer for which you wish to generate access keys. Then, choose the desired offer from the list and click Next.
    • Note: Some key types can only be generated for offers in certain sandboxes. Review the available key types for more information.
  4. Complete the access key form as appropriate:
    • Batch name: Enter a name for the batch of keys being created.
    • Comments: Enter any comments for the Epic Games Store team to consider when reviewing your request.
    • Key purpose: Select the appropriate key type for the batch being generated.
    • Type: For Testing or Press/Promo keys, choose either single or multi-use keys. For Retail keys, specify either digital or physical keys.
    • Quantity: Enter the number of keys requested. Note that multi-use keys are tracked against the total keys allowed.
    • Start and Expiry Dates: If desired, enter dates to strictly manage the time period when keys can be redeemed.
  5. Review the information entered into the form to ensure accuracy. When ready, click Next.
  6. Select one or more regions where the access keys can be redeemed. Note that you cannot generate access keys for regions that require ratings unless you have an applicable rating for that region.
  7. Review your selected regions. Then, click Generate to create your keys.

After your keys are generated, the batch displays in the table displayed on the Access Keys page. To download the keys, locate the batch in the list, click its menu icon (...), and choose Download.

Keyless Integration

The Epic Games Store partners with several storefronts and digital resellers to allow you to sell your games through keyless integration, including:

  • Humble Bundle
  • GOG
  • Fanatical
  • Green Man Gaming
  • Genba and their integrated store partners
  • Nuuvem
  • Exertis Ztorm and their integrated store partners

While access keys do not need to be shared with these storefronts, you must work with them directly to coordinate an agreement to sell your product on their store using the Epic Games Store keyless integration. If you have questions about the Epic Games Store keyless integration service, create a private discussion on our Developer Support site for assistance.