Publishing Tools

Process and tools to launch your product using the Closed Beta publishing tools

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Welcome to the Epic Games Store

Thank you for participating in the Closed Beta for a new suite of Epic Games Store self-publishing tools! These new tools allow you to set up your product pages, pricing, offers, and upload builds and updates on the Epic Games Store.

What to Expect

  1. Apply to the Closed Beta program.

  2. Complete required legal, tax, and bank ID verification processes.

  3. Set up your organization, teams, and roles.

  4. Configure your product, pages, and builds.

  5. Submit for review.

  6. Launch!

Apply to the Closed Beta Program

Once you complete the Closed Beta submission form, the Epic Games Store team will review your submission. If selected, the Epic Games Store team will contact you to begin the onboarding process and provide access to the Developer Portal Closed Beta publishing tools.

As part of your onboarding, you are required to complete or update your legal agreements and verify your tax and bank identity. You must complete this process before you can launch your product on the Store. The Epic Games team will be in contact with you to guide you through the process.

Set up your organization, teams, and roles

If all team members were not added to your Organization during the onboarding process, you can do so before starting Store Configuration. Learn more about managing your organization, teams and roles.

Configure your product, pages, and builds

When onboarding is completed, you will use the publishing tools to create your store presence.

  • Configure Store Settings — Set up your Product Details Page.

    • Before you create assets to upload to your store configuration, please review the online Epic Games Store Brand Guidelines for asset specifications, logos, legal and trademark language, and downloadable assets.

    • Please be aware that character limits are applied consistently across all languages. We recommend keeping English (en) text at no more than 70–80 percent of the maximum length to ensure that all localized strings can be imported without issue.

    • You can localize your content and create FAQs before or after the review process. Note: Early Release products require FAQs.

  • Upload Your Build — Manage artifact details, active binaries, and regional groups.

  • Populate the Offer — Provide consumer details, suggested pricing, and assets for your offers.

  • Populate the Product Home Page — Upload and manage digital assets.

Submit for Review

  • Push your product to Stage, where final configuration can be tested prior to submission. Learn more about release management.

  • Submit your product for review. If there are any changes noted during the review, you can make the changes and re-submit.

    • Please be aware that products containing prohibited content are not eligible for publication on the Epic Games Store.