Social Overlay Overview

A tour of the EOS Social Overlay as it appears to users.

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The Social Overlay uses web technology and is distributed through Content Delivery Networks (CDN) across the globe. This enables us to push new features and fix bugs independently of the Epic Online Services (EOS) SDK version your game is running.

The EOS SDK loads and initializes the Social Overlay, and then the user requests the latest Social Overlay version deployed to our CDNs. The EOS SDK and Social Overlay communicate via a bridge. During initialization, the EOS SDK informs the Social Overlay which features your EOS SDK includes. The EOS SDK also informs the Social Overlay which features you have enabled or disabled.

For rare cases when services are experiencing disruptions, Epic can enable or disable features in the Social Overlay to provide a good user experience during outages. Read more in the Navigation Bar section.

Philosophy On Iteration

Our goal is to provide the best user experience for both developers integrating their games with the Social Overlay and users interacting with it. To provide the best experience for all users, features will be added and adjusted in the future. Expect the core functionality to remain stable overall, but expect the text, look, and feel of the overlay to be improved and polished over time.


After the application loads and initializes the Social Overlay, it will display a notification reading: You are now online on the Epic Social Panel. Press the hotkey combination in the notification to open the Social Overlay.

Notification indicating that user has successfully connected

When you open the Social Overlay for the first time, it will display your friends list. If you navigate to another page, close the overlay, then open the overlay, you will be on the last page you opened. This behavior may change in the future to improve the user experience.


The following table lists all the locales the Social Overlay currently supports:

Locale CodeLanguage
en-USEnglish (United States)
es-ESSpanish (Spain)
es-MXSpanish (Mexico)
pt-BRPortrugese (Brazil)
zh-HansChinese [Simplified]
zh-HantChinese [Traditional]

The Social Overlay has various overrides and fallbacks in place to provide the next best locale based on the locale requested by users.

The overlay's navigation bar

The Navigation Bar enables users navigate to the various pages within the Social Overlay. The items listed in the Navigation Bar are primarily determined by the EOS SDK version and the features your project is using.

In rare cases when services are experiencing disruptions, Epic can hide Navigation Bar items. For example, if the Achievements service has disruptions, Epic can hide the Achievements button until the service issue is resolved. This avoids confusion and prevents bad user experiences.



The button for friends in the navigation bar