Brand Review Application Process

Brand review protects you, all your players, and Epic Games from malicious activities, such as brand spoofing, phishing, malware, stolen identity, and copyright infringement, among others.

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Brand Review Process

Brand Review helps you make your application available to Epic’s general audience.

The brand review process verifies your game's brand with Epic Games. Once verified, players outside of your Organization can use your game's integration of Epic Account Services. This includes functionality such as the Presence interface, the Auth interface for authentication, and the Friends interface.

Image detailing the definition of an application in Epic Accounts Services and the brand review process evaluating your application’s name, logo, and privacy policy.

We do not review or certify your application or product. We only review your application’s brand that users in the Epic Games ecosystem can encounter before having granted their explicit consent.

Until your brand review is successfully verified, every new Epic Account Services application displays a warning to your users as part of the consent dialog and has specific audience restrictions, as seen below.

An example of a warning label when your application has not yet been verified; part of the consent dialog.
An example of a warning label when your application has not yet been verified; part of the consent dialog.

Audience restrictions are put in place in order to protect Epic Games ecosystem users, you (the developer), other game developers, and Epic Games from brand spoofing, phishing, and more.

Only the members of the same development organization can authenticate against the application before its brand is reviewed and verified. All other users will see an access restriction error message.

This warning is shown when an application is not verified and has restricted access.

Submitting or Resubmitting your Brand Review

To begin the brand review process, you must follow these steps:

  1. Verify your domain.
  2. Go to your product in the Developer Portal > Epic Account Services.
  3. Select Create Application for a new application or Configure for an existing application.
  4. Enter your application’s details in the Brand Settings tab.
  5. After you specify all required assets, you can Submit for Review.
  6. Your application brand is evaluated.
  7. You are notified of the review results over email.

Brand Settings

An application’s brand settings are a part of the EAS application consent dialog and includes:

  • Application Name - A non-unique string that serves best to identify your application. By default it’s auto-populated with your product name, but can be changed as needed.
  • Application Logo - Your logo must be in PNG or JPEG format and 128x128 pixels.
  • Application Domain - A verified web domain for your organization.
  • Application Privacy Policy URL - You must provide the link to your privacy policy.
  • [Optional] Application Support URL - You may optionally supply a URL for end users to access support for your application.
The Brand Settings configuration page located in the Developer Portal, which can be found under Epic Account Services > Create Application.

Once you submit your brand settings for review, you must cancel the submission to make any changes. Any submitted changes made to your brand settings do not affect your live environment until they have successfully passed the brand review.

Other application settings such as permissions or OAuth client configuration can be changed at any time independent of the brand review submission state.

Evaluation Criteria

When reviewing your application, the moderation team applies a set of guidelines that may evolve over time to reflect changes to the features or regulations.

The criteria we focus on includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your privacy policy demonstrates intent to use end user account information with respect and in a manner that complies with applicable law and Epic Games’ requirements.
    • You must have a public privacy policy
    • It must include contact info so customers can contact with you with privacy concerns
    • It must be descriptive in how data will be handled for customers
  • Brand content does not contain third party intellectual property not owned by or adequately licensed to you.
  • Brand content does not attempt to misrepresent or deceive end users about the application owner’s identity.
  • Brand content does not contain or represent illicit or illegal material.
  • Brand content is appropriate to all audiences.

Review Results

Once the review is complete, you will be notified of the results over email. You can use the Developer Portal to check the status of your review at any time.

Your submission is assigned a unique case number that you can find in your Developer Portal under Your Product > Epic Account Services > Applications. Use this case number if you contact Epic Online Services support.

Successful Review

Your application’s brand settings are automatically applied to the live environment and the audience restriction and warning messages are removed.

Failure to Pass

We will communicate why your application did not pass and work with you to update your content and resubmit.

Failed reviews do not affect the live state of your application. If you were previously verified, your end users continue to see the brand content that was previously verified.