Set Up the Parent Verification Service

How to set up the KWS Parent Verification service for your product, first in a Test environment and then in your Production environment.

Under 1 min to read

Each product within KWS comes with a Test environment and a Production environment. Each environment comes with its own configuration and integration details. This enables you to test the PV service thoroughly on your product in the Test environment before you push the service live.

The roadmap for setting up the PV service is:

  1. Consider how the PV service will fit into your product's flow. See the example use case for guidance.
  2. Set up your privacy policy and agree to the T&Cs.
  3. Configure the service settings:
  4. Configure the PV service webhook to receive the successful verification notification event.
  5. Choose which verification methods will be available to parents.
  6. Integrate with the KWS API.
  7. Apply your own custom branding to the service.
  8. Test the PV service using dummy email addresses and verification credentials.
  9. When you have tested the service to your satisfaction, set up your Production environment in the same way as the Test environment.
  10. After KWS reviews and approves your Production environment, you're ready to go live.