About the Parent Verification Service

An overview of the Parent Verification (PV) service, including an example use case and a description of the verification methods used by the service.

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The KWS Parent Verification (PV) service is a free service that enables you to verify the identity of the person designated as the parent of a child using your app.

Here’s a summary of how it works:

  1. Within your product's interface, you collect the parent's email address and pass it to KWS via a single authenticated API call.
  2. This call triggers the verification flow, which is entirely managed by KWS.
  3. Within this flow, the parent verifies their identity using one of a selection of verification methods such as scanning an ID or providing payment card details.
  4. KWS notifies you of the successful verification using a webhook.

For full details of the PV service verification flow, see the example use case.