Manage your KWS Organization

How to manage your team member’s accounts and edit your organization details.

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The Organization page is where you can manage your KWS organization and team details:

Manage your team’s accounts

Add a colleague to your team

If you are an administrator, and your organization is a team within a company (rather than a sole developer), you can invite colleagues to join your organization, as follows:

  1. In the KWS Developer Portal, click the Organization > Team tab and then click Invite:


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  2. In the pop-up dialog, enter the colleague's details:

    Invite details

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    • Full name. The invitee's name.

    • Email. The invitee's email address. KWS will send an email with a sign-up link to this address.

    • Role. Select one of the following from the dropdown menu:

      • Organization Administrator (has access to all products)
      • Organization Developer (has access to selected products only)

      NOTE: Organization Administrators have some extra permissions. They can:

      • Update their organization’s settings
      • Invite colleagues to join the organization
      • View team members
      • View, cancel, and resend pending invitations
      • Create products
      • Set up the PV service on a product
    • Product access. When setting up a user with the ‘Organization Developer' role, select the products to which they need access.

  3. Click Send invite. KWS sends the sign-up email to the specified email address:

    Invitation email

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  4. The Invite Pending list displays invited colleagues until they successfully register with KWS. Click the ‘…' button to resend the email or cancel the invitation:

    Invite pending

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Delete a team member's account

To delete a team member from your organization, click the '...' button and then click Delete:

Delete a member

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Edit your organization details

  1. In the KWS Developer Portal, click the Organization > Settings tab.
  2. Edit your organization details as required.
  3. Click Save changes.

Switch your organization to a corporation

If you initially created your organization as a sole individual, you can change your organization to a corporation. You may wish to do this if your organization is acting on behalf of a business entity, or you want to invite colleagues to your KWS organization.

NOTE: Once you have switched to a corporation, you cannot switch back.

To switch your organization from a sole individual to a corporation:

  1. In the KWS Developer Portal, click the Organization > Settings tab.

  2. Click Switch to corporation:

    Switch to corporation

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    When you switch to a corporation, the organization details become available for editing:

    Organization settings

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  3. Enter your organization's details and click Save changes.