Voice Interface Sample - C# SDK

The Voice C# interface sample demonstrates implementation and basic functionality of using Voice.

2 mins to read

The Voice interface allows you to create and manage voice chat rooms for your users. The Voice sample uses both server and client implementation to demonstrate how to log in, change audio devices, create a room, and more. Check out the Using the C# SDK for more information on the Sample Projects.


The voice server must be running in order for the client to function.


After you have the voice server setup, you can run the following functions with the voice client.

Logging in

To begin, you are presented with a login screen. You can select the type of login you want to use. We recommend using the Developer type to login with credentials assigned by the Developer Authentication Tool.

You are then presented with the voice sample UI.

Changing audio devices

There are 2 dropdown boxes that list the input and output audio devices that are accessible on your machine. You can freely select the devices you want to use with voice. When your connected devices change, the listed devices will update to reflect that.

Creating a room

You can create a room by leaving the “Room name” field empty, and then clicking “Create room”.

Joining a room

You can join an existing room by pasting the room name into the “Room name” field and then clicking “Join room”.


When there is more than one user in the room, you will be able to speak. The sample shows the current speaking state of each user represented by a speaker icon.

Muting and unmuting yourself

You can click the “Mute” button to mute yourself,

Then “Unmute” to unmute yourself.

Muting and unmuting other users

If you are the owner of the room, you will see additional options for other users. One such option allows you to mute and unmute other users. This overrides the user’s client mute state. Clicking this will forcibly mute the selected user,

And then clicking it again will remove the forced mute from them.

Kicking other users

Likewise, if you are the owner of the room, you are able to kick users from the room by clicking the “Kick” button. A kicked user cannot rejoin.

Leaving the room

When you’ve had enough speaking with people, you can click “Leave room” to leave.

Once you’ve left, you can create a new room or join another one.