Domain Verification

How to verify your host domain for your Brand Review application through the Developer Portal.

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Domain Verification

Domain Verification is designed to help you, all end users, and Epic Games link your game, brand, EGS Store front, and any other associated web-links to assist with brand cohesion and to aid against malicious activities, such as brand spoofing, copyright infringement, malware, and stolen identities.

Before proceeding forward through the Brand Review process. Epic Games is required to verify the safety of your Hosting Domain and Privacy Policy.

The Domain Verification steps are as follows:

  • Automated Verification: Adding a domain to your Organization.

  • Ownership Verification: Verifying ownership of your domain.

  • Manual Verification: An Epic Games Moderator is tasked with manually verifying the domain.

Automated Verification

The verification process begins when you add a domain to your organization. To add a domain click Add Domain on the Organization page of your Developer Portal. This automated verification process ensures that your domain resolves and is not blocked by any deny-list.

If the automated verification fails, the domain is not added to your organization and no further verification will proceed.

Ownership Verification

After your domain passes the automated verification, you are required to verify ownership of the domain and ensure your links successfully open your website and privacy policy.

To verify ownership, Epic Online Services (EOS) provides a unique TXT Domain Secret that is manually added to your domain Host DNS records. EOS will confirm your domain ownership when the record becomes visible.

Follow the steps below to add the TXT Domain Secret to your domain host DNS records:

  1. Copy the Domain Secret included in your Verify Ownership form from the Developer Portal.

  2. Sign in to your domain Host Account.

    The management of your domain account depends on your provider and is beyond the scope of this document. Please contact your domain provider for further assistance.

  3. Find your domain’s DNS records and select the option to add a new record.

  4. Select the TXT record type.

    If your website doesn't support TXT record, for example it uses CNAME, reach out to support at

  5. In the appropriate field, paste your Domain Secret. This field may be called Value, Answer, Destination, or some other name.

  6. Save the record on the domain host account. A TXT verification record does not affect your website or DNS settings.

  7. Return to the Developer Portal and select Check TXT Record in the Verify Ownership form.

When your domain ownership is successful, a Verified status will appear below the domain name in the list of your organization’s domain names. Upon completing the automated and ownership verification steps, you can use the domain in your Brand Review for your product’s website and your privacy policy.

Manual Verification

The final step of domain verification process is performed by a moderator during the review of your brand content. The moderator manually checks the domain name as well as the hosted content to validate that it does not contain anything offensive, explicit, or violate any intellectual property rights.


The moderator can provide feedback at any step of verification. If your domain is declined, you will be notified with an explanation of issues to remedy for a successful verification at resubmission.