EOS API reference page for EOS_SessionDetails_Settings

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This data structure is part of the Sessions Interface.


Common settings associated with a single session



int32_t ApiVersionAPI Version: Set this to EOS_SESSIONDETAILS_SETTINGS_API_LATEST.
const char* BucketIdThe main indexed parameter for this session, can be any string (i.e. "Region:GameMode")
uint32_t NumPublicConnectionsNumber of total players allowed in the session
EOS_Bool bAllowJoinInProgressAre players allowed to join the session while it is in the "in progress" state
EOS_EOnlineSessionPermissionLevel PermissionLevelPermission level describing allowed access to the session when joining or searching for the session
EOS_Bool bInvitesAllowedAre players allowed to send invites for the session
EOS_Bool bSanctionsEnabledAre sanctioned players allowed to join - sanctioned players will be rejected if set to true