EOS API reference page for EOS_CustomInvites_SendCustomInviteCallbackInfo

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This data structure is part of the CustomInvites Interface.


Output parameters for the EOS_CustomInvites_SendCustomInvite Function. These parameters are received through the callback provided to EOS_CustomInvites_SendCustomInvite



EOS_EResult ResultCodeThe EOS_EResult code for the operation. EOS_Success indicates that the operation succeeded; other codes indicate errors.
void* ClientDataContext that was passed into EOS_CustomInvites_SendCustomInvite
EOS_ProductUserId LocalUserIdLocal user sending a CustomInvite
EOS_ProductUserId* TargetUserIdsUsers to whom the invites were successfully sent (can be different than original call if an invite for same Payload was previously sent)
uint32_t TargetUserIdsCountThe number of users we are sending to