EOS API reference page for EOS_RTCAudio_AddNotifyParticipantUpdated

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Register to receive notifications when a room participant audio status is updated (f.e when speaking flag changes). If the returned NotificationId is valid, you must call EOS_RTCAudio_RemoveNotifyParticipantUpdated when you no longer wish to have your CompletionDelegate called.

Return Value

Notification ID representing the registered callback if successful, an invalid NotificationId if not

See Also

EOS_INVALID_NOTIFICATIONID, EOS_RTCAudio_RemoveNotifyParticipantUpdated



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HRTCAudio Handle
const EOS_RTCAudio_AddNotifyParticipantUpdatedOptions* Options
void* ClientDataArbitrary data that is passed back in the CompletionDelegate
const EOS_RTCAudio_OnParticipantUpdatedCallback CompletionDelegateThe callback to be fired when a presence change occurs