EOS API reference page for EOS_AntiCheatClient_AddNotifyClientIntegrityViolated

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This function is part of the AntiCheatClient Interface.


Add a callback when a message must be displayed to the local client informing them on a local integrity violation, which will prevent further online play. Mode: Any.

Return Value

A valid notification ID if successfully bound, or EOS_INVALID_NOTIFICATIONID otherwise



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HAntiCheatClient Handle
const EOS_AntiCheatClient_AddNotifyClientIntegrityViolatedOptions* OptionsStructure containing input data
void* ClientDataThis value is returned to the caller when NotificationFn is invoked
EOS_AntiCheatClient_OnClientIntegrityViolatedCallback NotificationFnThe callback to be fired

Callback Function Information

Because this function is asynchronous, it employs a callback of type EOS_AntiCheatClient_OnClientIntegrityViolatedCallback to report the results of its operation. See the EOS_AntiCheatClient_OnClientIntegrityViolatedCallbackInfo page for more details, or check the [Callback Data] section below.

Callback Remarks

Callback issued when the local client triggers an integrity violation. The message contains descriptive string of up to 256 characters and must be displayed to the player. This callback is always issued from within EOS_Platform_Tick on its calling thread.

Callback Parameters


Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
const EOS_AntiCheatClient_OnClientIntegrityViolatedCallbackInfo* Data

Callback Data

The EOS SDK passes the following data structure to the callback function:


void* ClientDataCaller-specified context data
EOS_EAntiCheatClientViolationType ViolationTypeCode describing the violation that occurred
const char* ViolationMessageString describing the violation which should be displayed to the user

For more information, see the EOS_AntiCheatClient_OnClientIntegrityViolatedCallbackInfo page.