EOS API reference page for EOS_ELinkAccountFlags

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This enumerated type is part of the Auth Interface.


Flags used to describe how the account linking operation is to be performed.

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Enumerated ValueMeaning
EOS_LA_NoFlagsDefault flag used for a standard account linking operation. This flag is set when using a continuance token received from a previous call to the EOS_Auth_Login API, when the local user has not yet been successfully logged in to an Epic Account yet.
EOS_LA_NintendoNsaIdSpecified when the EOS_ContinuanceToken describes a Nintendo NSA ID account type. This flag is used only with, and must be set, when the continuance token was received from a previous call to the EOS_Auth_Login API using the EOS_EExternalCredentialType::EOS_ECT_NINTENDO_NSA_ID_TOKEN login type.