EOS API reference page for EOS_EDesktopCrossplayStatus

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Possible statuses for the availability of desktop crossplay functionality.

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Enumerated ValueMeaning
EOS_DCS_OKDesktop crossplay is ready to use.
EOS_DCS_ApplicationNotBootstrappedThe application was not launched through the Bootstrapper.
EOS_DCS_ServiceNotInstalledThe redistributable service is not installed.
EOS_DCS_ServiceStartFailedThe service failed to start.
EOS_DCS_ServiceNotRunningThe service was started successfully, but is no longer running in the background, for an unknown reason.
EOS_DCS_OverlayDisabledThe application has explicitly disabled the overlay through SDK initialization flags.
EOS_DCS_OverlayNotInstalledThe overlay is not installed. As the overlay is automatically installed and kept up-to-date by the redistributable service, this indicates that the user may have separately manually removed the installed overlay files.
EOS_DCS_OverlayTrustCheckFailedThe overlay was not loaded due to failing trust check on the digital signature of the file on disk. This error typically indicates one of the following root causes: - The Operating System's local certificate store is out of date. - The local system clock has skewed and is in the wrong time. - The file has been tampered with. - The file trust check timed out, either due to an issue with the local system or network connectivity. The first troubleshooting steps should be to check for any available Operating System updates, for example using the Windows Update, as well as verifying that the system time is correctly set.
EOS_DCS_OverlayLoadFailedThe overlay failed to load.