EOS API reference page for EOS_EAntiCheatCommonClientActionReason

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Anti-cheat action reasons. Applicable to both clients and remote peers.



Enumerated ValueMeaning
EOS_ACCCAR_InvalidNot used
EOS_ACCCAR_InternalErrorAn internal error occurred
EOS_ACCCAR_InvalidMessageAn anti-cheat message received from the client/peer was corrupt or invalid
EOS_ACCCAR_AuthenticationFailedThe client/peer's anti-cheat authentication failed
EOS_ACCCAR_NullClientThe client/peer failed to load the anti-cheat module at startup
EOS_ACCCAR_HeartbeatTimeoutThe client/peer's anti-cheat heartbeat was not received
EOS_ACCCAR_ClientViolationThe client/peer failed an anti-cheat client runtime check
EOS_ACCCAR_BackendViolationThe client/peer failed an anti-cheat backend runtime check
EOS_ACCCAR_TemporaryCooldownThe client/peer is temporarily blocked from playing on this game server
EOS_ACCCAR_TemporaryBannedThe client/peer is temporarily banned
EOS_ACCCAR_PermanentBannedThe client/peer is permanently banned