EOS API reference page for EOS_EAntiCheatClientViolationType

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This enumerated type is part of the AntiCheatClient Interface.


Anti-cheat integrity violation types



Enumerated ValueMeaning
EOS_ACCVT_InvalidNot used
EOS_ACCVT_IntegrityCatalogNotFoundAn anti-cheat asset integrity catalog file could not be found
EOS_ACCVT_IntegrityCatalogErrorAn anti-cheat asset integrity catalog file is corrupt or invalid
EOS_ACCVT_IntegrityCatalogCertificateRevokedAn anti-cheat asset integrity catalog file's certificate has been revoked.
EOS_ACCVT_IntegrityCatalogMissingMainExecutableThe primary anti-cheat asset integrity catalog does not include an entry for the game's main executable, which is required.
EOS_ACCVT_GameFileMismatchA disallowed game file modification was detected
EOS_ACCVT_RequiredGameFileNotFoundA disallowed game file removal was detected
EOS_ACCVT_UnknownGameFileForbiddenA disallowed game file addition was detected
EOS_ACCVT_SystemFileUntrustedA system file failed an integrity check
EOS_ACCVT_ForbiddenModuleLoadedA disallowed code module was loaded into the game process
EOS_ACCVT_CorruptedMemoryA disallowed game process memory modification was detected
EOS_ACCVT_ForbiddenToolDetectedA disallowed tool was detected running in the system
EOS_ACCVT_InternalAntiCheatViolationAn internal anti-cheat integrity check failed
EOS_ACCVT_CorruptedNetworkMessageFlowIntegrity checks on messages between the game client and game server failed
EOS_ACCVT_VirtualMachineNotAllowedThe game is running inside a disallowed virtual machine
EOS_ACCVT_ForbiddenSystemConfigurationA forbidden operating system configuration was detected