EOS API reference page for EOS_Lobby_SendLobbyNativeInviteRequestedCallbackInfo

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This data structure is part of the Lobby Interface.


Output parameters for the EOS_Lobby_OnSendLobbyNativeInviteRequestedCallback Function.



void* ClientDataContext that was passed into EOS_Lobby_AddNotifySendLobbyNativeInviteRequested
EOS_UI_EventId UiEventIdIdentifies this event which will need to be acknowledged with EOS_UI_AcknowledgeEventId().
EOS_ProductUserId LocalUserIdThe Product User ID of the local user who is inviting.
EOS_IntegratedPlatformType TargetNativeAccountTypeThe Native Platform Account Type. If only a single integrated platform is configured then this will always reference that platform.
const char* TargetUserNativeAccountIdThe Native Platform Account ID of the target user being invited.
EOS_LobbyId LobbyIdLobby ID that the user is being invited to