EOS API reference page for EOS_Friends_GetFriendAtIndex

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This function is part of the Friends Interface.


Retrieves the Epic Account ID of an entry from the friends list that has already been retrieved by the EOS_Friends_QueryFriends API. The Epic Account ID returned by this function may belong to an account that has been invited to be a friend or that has invited the local user to be a friend. To determine if the Epic Account ID returned by this function is a friend or a pending friend invitation, use the EOS_Friends_GetStatus function.

Return Value

the Epic Account ID of the friend. Note that if the index provided is out of bounds, the returned Epic Account ID will be a "null" account ID.

See Also

EOS_Friends_GetFriendsCount, EOS_Friends_GetStatus



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HFriends Handle
const EOS_Friends_GetFriendAtIndexOptions* Optionsstructure containing the Epic Account ID of the owner of the friends list and the index into the list