EOS API reference page for EOS_ContinuanceToken_ToString

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Retrieve a null-terminated stringified continuance token from an EOS_ContinuanceToken. To get the required buffer size, call once with OutBuffer set to NULL, InOutBufferLength will contain the buffer size needed. Call again with valid params to get the stringified continuance token which will only contain UTF8-encoded printable characters as well as the null-terminator.

Return Value

  • An EOS_EResult that indicates whether the continuance token string was copied into the OutBuffer.

  • EOS_Success - The OutBuffer was filled, and InOutBufferLength contains the number of characters copied into OutBuffer including the null-terminator.

  • EOS_InvalidParameters - Either OutBuffer or InOutBufferLength were passed as NULL parameters.

  • EOS_InvalidUser - The AccountId is invalid and cannot be stringified.

  • EOS_LimitExceeded - The OutBuffer is not large enough to receive the continuance token string. InOutBufferLength contains the required minimum length to perform the operation successfully.



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_ContinuanceToken ContinuanceTokenThe continuance token for which to retrieve the stringified version.
char* OutBufferThe buffer into which the character data should be written
int32_t* InOutBufferLengthThe size of the OutBuffer in characters. The input buffer should include enough space to be null-terminated. When the function returns, this parameter will be filled with the length of the string copied into OutBuffer including the null-termination character.