Reports Interface

The Reports Interface stores in-game user behavior reports. You can query these user reports from your Developer Portal to view the details of reported user behaviors, for example, cheating, verbal abuse, offensive profiles, and so on. This interface provides information that you can then use with the

interface to conduct any punitive actions.

Establishing User Identity

To begin working with the Reports Interface, you must first establish your users' identities through the Connect Interface.

Sending a Player Behavior Report

Player behavior reports are sent using the EOS_Reports_SendPlayerBehaviorReport function. This function depends on the Connect Interface for the IDs of the reporting user and the user being reported.

Viewing Reports in the Developer Portal

In your Developer Portal, you can find Player Reports by selecting the specific product you want to manage, clicking the Social Moderation section in your side-panel navigation bar, and selecting Player Reports.

From here, you can:

  • Filter reports by Deployment, Date, and Reason.

  • Search for specific users.

  • View the details of each report. You can expand a report's Message details by clicking it.